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Retirement of Research Institute Intranet

Where to Find Research Intranet Content

The Research Institute’s intranet was retired on Feb. 28, 2020. Most of the content that was previously available on the Research intranet is now on the main public site,, including commonly used tools and resources, such as:

Additional content from the Research intranet can be found within the main site’s Faculty & Staff Resources section. Here, researchers and staff can find the latest research breakthroughs and faculty spotlights, view and submit upcoming events and announcements, and quickly access services and resources to help do their jobs well. The content is organized to be easier to find and is also highly searchable. Chances are, that is where you will find it.

For content that wasn’t appropriate for the public site, a new section within @CHOP was created to host that content, If you aren’t able to locate the content on the main site, this @CHOP space may well host it.

New content is being added to each of these sites continuously.

Still searching?

If you know the team that offered the content previously, they should have an idea to where they migrated their content.

If all else fails, you can reach out to the RIS Web Services.

Intranet Content Solutions

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Key Dates


Individuals who are owners of Intranet spaces, forms, or downloadable resources should review their space and content now to determine if it needs to be transferred to a new location or discontinued.

Recomended by January 31

RIS Web Services team provided guidance on solutions that fit their audience's needs best.

February 14

Updates or revisions to Intranet content was suspended.

February 28

The Research Institute Intranet was retired.